Irene and Matteo have known each other since childhood, growing up together as friends and schoolmates in Florence, where they studied together and started the adventure of Boutique Nadine, almost by sheer chance.
Irene started the first Boutique Nadine shop on Lungarno, which constructed the base of the brand’s image,and nurtured and expanded this vision with Matteo to include inspiration from their travels and friends from around the world. Both are curious travelers, always in search of the unexpected and unconventional beauty found in a place, its people, and its objects.

Boutique Nadine currently has two locations in Florence, both different from one another but together they share the same style with a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere. The first of the two stores, opened in 2006, overlooks the Arno River and carries small collections of Florentine and European brands, with a carefully curated selection of vintage clothing and accessories. Irene, with her passion and skillful eye, brought her inspiration from around the world to create Boutique Nadine Lungarno, one of Florence’s most prominent concept stores.

The second store opened in Via de’ Benci in 2011. The store is filled with curiosities, with racks of independent menswear and womenswear clothes along the walls, leaving ample space in the center to display worldly treasures. If you are lucky you will find Leone, the store’s guest cat, sleeping on the couch.

There are three clothing lines designed personally by Irene and Matteo, sold exclusively in their two stores. Irene founded the womenswear brand Odette, known for her light, soft and very feminine dresses in romantic prints and original cuts, while Matteo founded Vigliano, named after his house in the countryside, which is a line of men’s cotton swimwear. Second Floor is their third line of clothing, and is a line of men’s cotton and linen shirts, sweatshirts, and wool jackets.
In addition to these three in house labels there are carefully selected pieces from collections of independent Italian and European designers that caught the duo’s attention. The two founders of Boutique Nadine and the designers of the independent brands have a direct relationship, which is a continuous exchange and sharing of ideas and concepts, allowing them to create a synergy in their store and offer unique and heavily researched pieces. A careful observation of the clientele has allowed them to arrive at an atmosphere of relaxed and inclusive complicity.
Enter Boutique Nadine as if you are home.